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Linux - Hardlinks and Softlinks explained

In this video-lesson you will learn how links in a Linux filesystem are working.

You will also learn:

  • the differences between hard- and softlinks (also called symlinks)
  • what are the limitations of hard-links


Here is what to do next

If you followed me through this tutorial, you certainly have realized that knowing some internals about how some things are working, can save you a lot of time and frustration.

If you are a Linux beginner and are just starting with the command line, have a look at “The Linux Beginners Framework”

In this free ebook I guide you through 5 simple steps to feel comfortable at the Linux command line.

Wanna take an unfair advantage?

If it comes to working at the Linux command line - at the end of the day it is always about knowing the right tool for the right task.

And it is about knowing the tools that are most certainly available on the Linux system you are currently on.

To give you all the tools for your day-to-day work at the Linux command line, I have created “The ShellToolbox”.

This book gives you everything

  • from the very basic commands, through
  • everything you need for working with files and filesystems,
  • managing processes,
  • managing users and permissions, through
  • hardware analyses and
  • simple shell-scripting to the tools you need for
  • doing simple “networking stuff”.

Everything in one single book.

With explanations and example calls for illustration.

If you are interested, go to shelltoolbox.com and have a look (as long as it is available).