About Robert Wohlfahrt


so this is the page, where everyone expects an essay written in the third-person about me. The funny part here is, that I am writing this myself like most of you expect it - I think.

So let’s dive in and let me try to sound way smarter than I am by writing about myself in the third person ;-)

Robert Wohlfahrt has a long history in supporting, coaching and teaching in the World of Information Technology. Still at school he sold his first computer program in 1992 - The “Address Manager” for Commodore C64. In 1994 he’s got in contact with his first Linux distribution “Slackware” and months later his first server for a commercial web-project was up and running “on the internet”.

Roberts Linux-consulting business started in June 2000 with the implementation of a email-hosting plattform for 4500+ users for a local internet-provider.

Since then he built up his coaching and consulting business:

In 2004 he earned the LPI-Certifications Level 1 and Level 2, became a SuSE Certified Linux trainer and extended these certifications in 2005 to Novell Certified Linux Professional and Certified Novell Instructor.

Later in 2007 he extended his consulting knowledge by becoming a “VMware Certified Professional” and he earned the corresponding instructor-status (VCI) in the same year.

In 2013 Robert started his cloud-journey by first implementing web-based applications on the Google Cloud Plattform, but weeks later he started to concentrate mainly on the AWS platform and services. There he holds the “AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional” certification and is acknowledged as “Authorized AWS Instructor”.

Till today Robert has held 350+ “face-to-face” courses for about 2000 students.

If you you’re looking for more formal information: My Certifications

I hope you enjoyed :-)

See ya