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eBook: The Linux Beginners Framework

Your 5 Steps - to feel comfortable at the Linux command line

  • Compose error-free command lines
    … so you will never again get these frustrating errors
  • Understand the directory tree
    … and jump through it like a veteran Linux admin
  • Leverage “everything is a file”
    … and feel comfortable handling these files
  • See what’s going on
    …so you always know exactly how and what it is used for
  • Learn how to go the easy way
    … so you have always someone “holding your hand” if needed

eBook: The Shell Toolbox 2.1

The only tool you need at first is this box of essential tools

I’ve created this book by request for my clients and students - as a starting point and as a reference for their daily work.

And now you can get access to this compilation too.


online Courses

Get To Know Your Linux System

Free online-training that teaches Linux beginners to get a solid first understanding about a Linux system right from the console.

  • Get a solid first impression of your Linux system
  • See what your system is doing right now.
    Is it overloaded or not?
  • Understand the disk-layout of a system
  • The always needed network basics:
    ip-configuration, open ports and local firewall

Write Awesome Shell Scripts

Online-training that guides you step-by-step to confidently writing robust and portable Linux Shell-Scripts

  • Truly Step-By-Step
  • Get a deep understanding about how the shell interprets every single command line
  • Leverage the power of variables
  • Master everything about logic and loops
  • Learn to write really robust & portable Shell-Scripts
  • Get the things you really need - no unneeded fluff.

Master The Linux Filesystem Permissions

Online-training that teaches you everything you need to completely master the Linux Filesystem Permission

  • Everything you need - bulletproof explained
  • Everything about the legacy unix-permissions found on any unix-like system.
  • Understand the power of supplementary permission like SUID or Sticky-Bit.
  • Master the umask
  • Maximize permission-flexibility with ACLs